Graphic design studio based in Seoul. We are working with clients to serve art direction, brand identity design, poster design, package design, album cover design, typeface design, exhibition design, editorial design, motion graphic design, etc. through new attempts based on graphic design. +more

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Exhibition, Printed Matter

Future Design Workshop

The hand has always played a central role in creation. Despite advances in technology, the hand continues to hold a symbolic place in the mind and process of design. This event and exhibition examines how the hand continues to work in cooperation, opposition and harmony with in the tools designers use.

This exhibit will employ the special technology Arziro supplied by AGFA in tandem with Adobe Illustrator that can create complex and un-repeatable graphics.

Pang Pang Pang, Yong Sera, Shin Jaeho, Chris Ro, Pooroni Rhee, James Chae, CBR Graphic, Sarok Jung, Zero-Lab, revel9, Particle Field

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