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NXS World (NL)

NXS #4 Algorithmic Anxiety explores the spectrum of algorithmic authority over our lives (whether perceived or not). The contributors question or reveal the inconspicuous influence of algorithms, in their various forms, on our behavioral patterns, emotions, and self perceptions of our position in the world.

Are algorithms really rational and only virtual? Are they better than we are in drawing up a reflection of ourselves? Can they predict our future selves? The intangibility and unclarity of the effects of algorithms on our lives can lead to the uncanny feeling of a loss of control, a sense of frustration and anxiety. Are we at risk of losing our agency to act and think, of being increasingly controlled and programmed through social credit systems, surveillance, and Big Data rankings? Are we on the path towards digitally structured totalitarianism? Control, as well as influence, over future decisions and actions, are after all the goal of pre-emptive algorithmic systems and forms of government. What does that mean for the conception of the autonomous self?

Digital Print, 2 pages, 38×15cm

ISBN 978-90-828571-2-2