Zeitgeist 2030

Client: Tele2 (Russia)
Field: Exhibition, Advertising
Year: 2020

Imagine how it feels in 2030. Does technology set us free, or become a part of us? Are we closer to nature? What it means to be human in 2030. And how it feels. In the exhibition we try to show how people form various countries, who live different lives in different context reflect on what the future feels like. So that artists and designers from Seoul, Rotterdam, Prague, New York, Moscow and other cities could share their thoughts with a wide audience.
In reality, 2030 is not a distant future. than think about 2030 is a transition to the future.The many technologies that we've created, the circular nature, will be fused to go into theThe concept is to express the moment of effort for a future world that can coexist with nature. 
Using free natural curves and shapes, and systematic and smart technology and machine images, talk about various behaviors that take place in Korea. It expresses Korean, English, and many unknown codes.